Our Cause

On September 10th 2007, five fathers from around the globe will partake on a grueling adventure in hopes of saving the lives of their children and others affected by a devastating pediatric cancer known as Neuroblastoma. This prominent pediatric cancer is not hereditary, a known byproduct of some industrial/ecological waste, it is merely unexplainable. 

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Standard treatment protocols around the globe offer little hope. Stage IV patients such as our children have a 20% survival rate. Innovations in immunological therapies have raised the bar however they do have complications. Recently it was brought to the attention of parents by the fields leading scientist's that a complimentary, far less symptomatic antibody could be manufactured, however the funding was unavailable.  Depressed, angry, but excited for the possibility we asked how much would this cost?  2-3 million dollars! Ultimately this is the monetary value placed upon the lives of 150-300 children who could directly benefit from this antibody each year.

In hopes of making a difference, we parents are taking a stand!

What is the Loneliest Road?  The loneliest road makes up part of our ride along Hwy 50 better known as the loneliest road in the United States. It is well off the beaten path and at times offers little evidence of any human life. Fittingly the name relates to the daily challenges, our families, and particularly our children's face in eyes of this devastating disease.

We will begin in Sacramento CA and collectively ride 3700 miles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Washington DC where we will unite with other Neuroblastoma families, showing our strength in numbers ensuring social awareness is gained. 

We are tirelessly committed to this challenge. Outside of our children’s hospital rooms we are training hard, day and night, whenever a free moment becomes available. Each rider will be equipped with GPS tracking devices to follow our progress and be keeping daily blogs concerning our ride. Our support staff is just as committed. Together we aim to cause a media buzz/frenzy, which will help gain the crucial philanthropic funding necessary for the development of the antibody. We beg for your help and your support.  Please check back with us daily and spread the word. We invite you to be part of our children’s lives and our family’s adventures (please see our children’s individual websites which outline our daily struggles, routines and treatments). 

Respectfully, The Five Fathers












Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)3 Corporation