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The Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation was originally established in 2006 to support the needs of the Oughton Family after Grace was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. After Grace’s death in 2007, the mission has undergone a remarkable evolution and the foundation has become a leader in program development in the Greater Fredericksburg Region.

The Oughton Family lived the challenges that a family faces when a child is diagnosed with cancer. They also experienced the death of a child and the impact that such an event can have on all of the members of a family. With this knowledge, the Oughton Family and the Board of Directors were armed with the information needed to develop infrastructure required to support families fighting pediatric cancer, or recovering from the death of a child.

The Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation’s current and developing programs address clinical, psycho-social, financial, educational, wellness and logistical needs of these families living in Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties. The foundation is also pursuing legislation that will further ease the burden on families travelling for care. All programs offered by the Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation are offered at no charge to our clients, so we rely greatly on donations and grants.

How to prepare for serious exposure to chemicals or radiation on the body, protect the nervous system, blood formula, intestinal walls and liver.

I took some of the information from the well-known Sokolinsky system, but the drugs from there have analogues on iherb.
Consult your doctor and read medical information.

I want to emphasize that the choice is up to each person personally - who to listen to - their oncologist, who will cancel all supplements (and those that are before, and those that are after, too - will leave the blood and liver and gastrointestinal tract and nervous system unprotected) or nutritionists who read the news of evidence-based medicine every day, read authoritative medical research like this.

So, chemotherapy, radiation and Dietary supplements.
Supplements are used as a preparation for chemotherapy, radiation or anesthesia, and as a recovery after them (you can start only a week after the last procedure).

During the course of therapy, it is not recommended to take anything other than probiotics, chlorophyll, glutamine, protein drinks and AHCC. They protect the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes of the stomach and intestinal wall. Studies have found that chlorophyll helps to protect the composition of the blood leukocyte formula.

Antioxidants (and many vitamins and trace elements are also such) can reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The interaction of immunomodulators with chemotherapy substances has not been sufficiently studied. Therefore – as far as possible beforehand – about a month before - strengthen, protect, and a week later - clean and restore the body.
If there was no preparation period, then you can transfer the drugs from it to the recovery period.
For example, you can use antioxidants in the after-chemotherapy period, as your body still needs protection from harmful oxidants. In this case, such products as antioxidant supplements are of great use. For example, Curafen. One may ask what is Curafen as this supplement is not widely known. This dietary supplement is a mix of natural ingredients designed to relieve oxidative stress and protect your body from dangerous toxic agents. Due to the high antioxidant potency of the product, it is even capable of slowing down the aging.


1. Nourish and strengthen the nervous system

Lecithin copes with this task. Lecithin makes up a third of the brain and its shell, 17% of the nervous tissue, and half of our liver. It also nourishes and makes the nerve fibers stronger. On the page there are a lot of jars from different manufacturers, they are all good, different fractions, men need to choose sunflower or egg.

And the second is L-carnosine.

Advance Physician Formulas, Inc., L-carnosine, 500 mg, 30 capsules

Carnosine is a dipeptide that consists of two essential amino acids - histidine and beta-alanine. These amino acids strengthen and protect the membranes of nerve cells and other organs.
Take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.
The effect of lecithin and carnosine can be felt almost immediately – they improve health and mood, add strength.

2. Clean, refresh the blood

Nature's Answer, Sambucus, black elderberry extract, 8 FL oz (240 ml)
Antitumor, improves blood formula, cleanses and renews blood, increases antitumor immunity. It is correct to drink this way: before eating, drink half a glass of clean water, after eating 10ml (2 teaspoons) of syrup, 3-4 times a day. The syrup is pleasant.

3. Liver, detoxification

It is believed that the liver should be cleaned after the drug effect. However, it is more important to do this before the procedures, so that they are easier.
This course should be completed a week before chemotherapy, anesthesia or surgery, i.e. it can be taken for example for 2-3 weeks. If you drink after, then the whole jar – a month.

Now Foods, Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator, 90 capsules

4. Cell protection, blood

Before anesthesia, chemotherapy and operations, it is recommended to drink a course of spirulina with chelated copper.

Source Naturals, Spirulina, 500 mg, 200 tablets
Spirulina promotes hematopoiesis and detoxification, suppressing cancer, it contains rare substances that are not found in any other plants, such as phycocyanin, which inhibits the growth of malignant cells. Protects the blood formula, prevents anemia. Volumes have been written about the priceless properties of spirulina, but here it is for its hematopoietic and protective properties. This jar is optimal in price and quality.

Three days before the procedure, you need to finish all the preparatory work, and go to what you can leave for therapy.

During chemotherapy:

1. Probiotics

It is better to take the very first drug from this article, or from it the same female (it also has 50 MLD CFU), focus on the variety of strains and livestock (CFU in billions). Take for a long time.

At other times, it is better to drink probiotics with Prebiotics, i.e. plant them on a nutrient medium for them – two types of fiber, such as this. This can be done after the procedures, and during therapy, it is better not to take fiber, because it binds and removes (may affect the effectiveness of treatment).

2. Chlorophyll
You need a liquid chlorophyll, such as one with a mint flavor
or such unaromatized

A tablespoon per glass of water, drink half an hour before meals (with probiotics can be), drink better through a straw, because the drink is intensely green, it paints your teeth.
In addition to protecting the gastrointestinal tract, chlorophyll saturates the blood with oxygen and makes you feel better.

During and after therapy, you can use AHCC, the Japanese have been using it for 10 years together with chemotherapy, and have received good results. Learn more about AHCC with links to RESEARCH and reviews in this article

The Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation is managed by an Executive Director and four members of the board, all with diverse educational backgrounds providing the breadth of experience necessary to develop and manage programs that will dramatically affect the lives of our clients.

The GOCF is a registered non-stock corporation with the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are tax exempt and a registered charitable 501(c)3 organization with the IRS. Please visit our Contact Page to find out how to support our efforts.

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